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hey guys! what i said about being more active online? total lies obviously. my updates are sporadic at best. i checked the f-list for the first time in a long time, and was a bit overwhelmed, hah.

please cut me from your f-lists, if you want to/have been meaning to.
i really should have mentioned this ages ago. i realize that i have a lot of people on my f-list that i don't talk to much anymore, or youknowlol, ever, so no hard feelings at all. also, no need to comment if you're cutting me, unless you just really want to say goodbye. :') ♥

i'll be doing a minor cut as well.
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✿ contact post ✿

fill this out y/y? 8D

name: stephanie
aim: my soul soul
msn: stepanieee@live.com
twitter: stepanie

✿ I generally don't email people anymore, so leaving that one out for now. 
✿ Comments screened by default.
✿ /if it takes me forever to reply to you on msn it's because I've confused myself again. I prefer aim. :x